Black Stump – 2013

Black Stump – 2013

Spread over 4 unforgettable days, Black Stump offers the chance to immerse yourself in the best Christian Music, Arts, Word and Action that Australia has to offer. Black Stump provides a place where you can be inspired to go further. Black Stump 2013 is set to send people off inspired and ready to take action, go further and bring change in the world around them. It’s a place where ideas are explored, music and arts are celebrated, and community is built.


Yes that’s right, “The Mime GUY” will be at Black Stump this year for the first time ever…
The Mime Guy has teamed up with the amazing poet and writer Cameron Semmens!


“The Mime Guy” – Peter Wilson @ Black Stump 2013


BLACK STUMP is held at Cataract Scout Park, Appin, NSW. (Click Here for a MAP)


October 4th-7th 2013


Brilliant Bible Bits – Cameron Semmens & The Mime Guy
DAY: Friday
STAGE: The Arthouse
TIME: 7:30PM
*Performance time is subject to change.

The Mime guy – The Love Story
DAY: Saturday
STAGE: The Arthouse
TIME: 6:15PM
*Performance time is subject to change.

So I’ll see you all there?

Still need more info —> CLICK HERE

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